Residents in Central Monrovia lack hygienic water, causing skin diseases.


The quest for safe drinking water in Central Monrovia is said to be at its height leaving some residents with skin and other diseases.

The government according to residents in Central Monrovia has failed to lift up to one of its statutory mandates to provide safe drinking water.

The concern citizens said the situation is hazardous for their livelihood and needs quick intervention.

‘’It is shocking that the country at this age will encounter such problem that should have been laid to rest ’’ they added.

With the situation, many citizens especially in Central Monrovia are now leaving their beds as early as two, three and four AM in search for water which according to them are contaminated and can possibly endanger their lives.

‘’Ha you think we will be waking up from bed at that time to look for water da na good’’ in an angry tone they explained.

The residents as seen unveiled that waters in wells, pumps and other water sources are highly polluted due to limited and polluted environments.

The water seekers told KMTV News Platform that their dissatisfaction if not looked at will make them carry out peaceful demonstration.

The demonstration they noted is part effort in spotlighting government’s failure to providing good and drinking water.