Residents of 72nd Community call for swift intervention to safe them from poor “WASH” environment

By: Julius Konton.

Despite recent media report concerning the poor and unsanitary hygiene situation in the 72nd community in Paynesville it appears like the issue is now getting from bad to worse.
“We do not breath good air at night”,one of the residents told reporters.
Currently they told this media that some of their kids are getting sick due to the pollution of their community as a result of waste from Sinoe County Senator Milton Teahjay home.
Currently the back fence of Senator Teahjay home is releasing waste into a little community that host about 100 people and is causing serious health hazard to the people.
Malaria,poor drainage system and many others are challenges Liberia’s ” WASH” sector is faced with.
The on going issue is not only unique to Senator Teahjay’s home but a national one, however the residents in the community have disclosed their willingness to work with the Sinoe County Lawmaker and his team to ensure said situation is address but not up till press time as the people mainly man,women and children are now feeling the pinch of unsanitary and unhealthy living environment.
Due to the importance of “WASH” it has been placed under the Sustainable Development Goals as one of the top priority pillars.
By 2030 Liberia including other Countries should fully abide by the international instruction to ensure that they all met the “WASH” standards/ requirements,something Liberia is finding it extremely difficult to handle due to several reasons, to include: Political Will,Corruption, poor leadership ability and fragmentation in the sector.
As the people continue to experience poor “WASH” facility,the appointment of commissioners by the president of Liberia is still another hindrance to the forward March of the sector.