Residents of Ganta Outcry Bad Road Network

By: Nathaniel Success Topkah
Live has become difficult for citizens in Ganta especially those residing in the LPRC Community as a result of the deplorable road condition KMTV has gathered.
The main road linking the community to the rest of the City has been completely damaged.
As a result, community dwellers are always wrestling with the road condition to get to work, market, and other places causing their daily movements to be very strenuous for many people in the neighborhood.
Owing to the prevailing road condition, citizens in that part of the most talked about commercial hub of Nimba County are crying out for a speedy intervention from the government.
“The road has become a no-go zone for most of us residing here. We’re therefore calling on the government to intervene as quick as possible, else we’ll soon be cut off from the rest of the city.” Mr. Emmett Sanoe, a resident of the community told KMTV.
” This road condition has made things very difficult for we as market women. We’ve pay 150 LD to transport a bag of char coal from here to the market. We normally pay 40 LD as the fare but this road is very bad. We can’t blame the motor bike riders because we all know that the road condition is bad.” Oretha Eugene, a market woman in the area lamented.
The road is the primary route that also links Saclepea, Tappita as well as the Southeastern region of Liberia.
With the current situation, vehicles operators find it almost impossible to find their way through the huge mud on he road.
Our reporter is quoted as saying, For some drivers, it is like using a camel to pass through the eye of a niddle and the rainy season now appear like a nightmare for most citizens because of the many inconveniences caused by the deplorable road network across the county.
Meanwhile, of late, the Ganta area has experienced an huge rainfall for the last three consecutive weeks. The more the rain falls, the horrible the road becomes for community dwellers.
Ganta is a city of a blazing economic activities, yet most communities lack good roads connection.
LPRC Community is one of the largest components of the Ganta. It host over ten thousand cash inhabitants.
The community houses the residence of Nimba County’s District #4 Lawmaker Hon. Gunpue L. Kargon and the most talked about Prince Yormie Johnson Polytechnic University (PJYPU). Senator Thomas S. Grupee also has his residence in the area.
Motorcyclists transporting people to the community paid extra fees to those living near the damaged part of the road in other access bye passes in their respective yards.
This act has also caused transportation fare from downtown to the community to literally increased more than twice the usual charges.
LPRC Community is the largest and most populous segment of the city, but residents of community usually suffered from bad road every rainy season.