Residents of Police Academy Complained of Pollution, linked Senator Milton Teahjay.


Residents of Police Academy Complained of Pollution allegedly caused by the home of Sinoe County Senator Milton Teahjay.
By:Julius Konton

Liberia’s Water,Sanitation and Hygiene sector is one of the most affected sectors in the Country evidence of the overwhelming complain of the people and tangible contaminated and unhealthy environment across the Country.
The situation is affecting both urban and rural communities in Liberia with the rural population mostly feeling the pinch.
Many residents are living in communities without good sanitation practices to include: poor latrine facilities, lack of safe drinking water and many others.
Poor drainage system is also highly affecting the living condition of the people including major infrastructures like roads.
Well one community amongst many other Communities that is currently been affected by poor drainage system is the Police Academy Community opposite Christ Miracle of faith School in Paynesville.
In this area about one hundred people are residing there including the current Senator of Sinoe County Milton Teahjay.
According to some of the residents the allege waste from the home of Senator Teahjay is polluting the community.
Explaining further they told this network that the Sinoe County Lawmaker fence has a hole at the back where waste and other unhealthy materials are bundled and thrown directly into their community causing serious health risk for them.
“This thing has been happening for years but because he is a Senator we been afraid to talk”,said one of the residents.
As for ma Beatrice she indicated that she has been talking to people in the Senator’s yard to ensure they address the situation but to no avail.
Its unclear if the people directly met Senator Teahjay to discuss the issue.
However Ma Beatrice added that due to her intense pressure the people from the Sinoe County Senator home made little effort to create a mini drainage to ensure free passage of waste originating from Senator Teahjay’s fence but said effort she noted is useless especially when heavy rains come,is hold your noise you pass scenario,huge waste over flowing in various homes are the order of the day in their community,they added.
According to resident Sam the mini drainage built by the people from the Senator’s home is currently undermining one of the houses closed to his fence and is worrisome he intoned.
He recommended that the Senator should work with community people to ensure they built a proper and standard drainage to try address the old age problem they have been experiencing in their community.
When asked if they have reported said issue to the Paynesville City Corporation, they noted no because they claimed said case may not go anywhere because the person linked is a big man in government.
The PCC has put in place a sanitation regulations that no resident should burn or buried dirty something they indicated is equally causing serious problems for them.
Some residents in the fence of Senator Teahjay when engaged on the matter remained tight lipped on the issue.
Until said issue can be addressed especially during this rainy season residents of the Police Academy Community will have to live in an unsanitary and unhealthy environment.