Residents want the Somalia drive road construction project to be fast track.


By:Julius Konton
Residents of Somalia drive complained of the slow pace of the on going road project.
According to them they have been affected on daily basis especially their free movement.
“Going to school, work and carrying on other business related activities is a real challenge for US” , John Toby, a resident told KMTV. NEWS.
They appeal to national Government to see the need to work on modalities to fast track the road project for the benefit of all.

The project was halted in 2014 due to the Ebola crisis.

However one of the major pillars of the road project is the Stockton Creek Bridge which has thus far been completed but the people at the same time called on contractors to do all they can to complete the entire project especially as the rainy season is drawing closer.

The Somalia drive road is a major transit point due to its strategic nature, it links residents from the Bushrod island to central Monrovia and other parts of the Country but more importantly it is border to the gateway of the Country’s economy the world Freeport of Monrovia something Liberians say makes the project crucial and must be completed the soonest.