Rev. Solomon Gueh Describeds Rape as Evil


A religious leader, Rev. Solomon W. Gueh has described rapists as evil and called on members of the Christian community to always speak out against such acts.

Pastor Solomon Gueh, Resident Pastor, River Of Life World Outreach Ministry Church in Paynesville, told KMTV Tuesday, during the nation-wide March against rape in Liberia, there should be a halt to all forms of compromising rape cases or to free perpetrators.

He wants the government to speedily prosecute perpetrators and institute a harsher punishment once convicted.


Rev. Gueh called on the religious community to also intensify their fight against rape in Liberia by creating more awareness and not compromising cases of rape and other sexual violence once brought before them.

“The Bible is against rape, it is a crime, it is wickedness. The Church is a moral consciousness of society, it is expedient that we get involved in this fight and make it clear that rape is a crime.

The religious leader justified his involvement in the Anti-rape campaign saying, “it is a non- political call, and as such the Church is the consciousness of the society.”

As he wants the government to strengthen the laws on the books against rape. “Imagine if someone gets engaged in rape and they are released on the bill. Rape is a crime that is unbillable, someone gets involved in the rape and they just pass around, and the victims live with the trauma,” he said.

“The laws are not strong, they need to do more to add to the laws so people who are perpetrators will be afraid to do these actions, so there can be no means of escape for them if the laws are strengthened.” Rev. Gueh suggested.

As for politician Telia Urey, the issue of rape is alarming across Liberia and it is time that all join the fight against the surge violence crime in the country.


“This rape issue is a very serious thing and very alarming, and we see the surge in cases and we will not sit down and not join in solidarity with all of these people standing firm against rape.”

Ms. Urey wants justice for the survival of rape and other forms of sexual and gender based violence.”

“We must stand firm, impunity must end, we must hold people accountable for their actions, as you can see a sound message is being sent by the people, women, men, young, old, everyone is standing together united against this cost.”