Rights Group Indicts SAC’s Preaident Amid Sexual Exploitation Claim


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The Youth in Action for Development in Bong County (YADB), a pro-democracy group, has debunked accusations made against some administrative staff of the Alexandria A. Andrews Academy alias Triple ‘A’ by a non-governmental organization Students Against Corruption (SAC).

Recalled that SAC, according to its findings, accused some staff of the school of reportedly engaging in sexual exploitation with students of the institution in exchange of grades, but by YADB in reaction said SAC’s allegations are false, misleading and only intended to damage the image of the institution.

YADB’s executive director Josiah A. Benson said the allegations made by Daniel Dennis, president of SAC,  was politically motivated and lacked the actual sense of investigative findings claimed by SAC.

Mr. Benson said Triple ‘A’ has been a model of academic excellence since its formation in 2013 evidenced by 2016/2017 performance in the WAEC when the university finished the first performing school in Bong County, of which a record over 38 of females at the time were successful.

“It is often said that one who preaches equity must come with clean hands; it is now in the case of SAC President Daniel Dennis who is said to be fighting  corruption in this contemporary era of Liberian society,” Benson said.

“Dennis has allegedly been caught in the web of sexual exploitation barely 73 hours after he released a press statement linking the Alexandra A. Andrews Academy’s Administrators to sexual exploitation,” he claims.

This paper has in its possession an audio of a 21-year-old girl who is claiming to be an ex-lover and one of the founding members of SAC accusing Dennis of sexually exploiting her.  “I am happy that the opportunity is now on here for me to speak”

“It is not because he has said something against Triple “A” but my point is why would he want to hunt people about sexual abuses when this has been his habit from the very beginning of his life?

“He made me lose every opportunity I had in my life, he impregnated me and denied the fact which led my parents to have also stopped paying me school fees”

“I told his mother but she said I should not let anyone know because it would jeopardize his education. He was being sponsored by people who would not have continued to support him had they known that he impregnated me”

“when he denied the pregnancy, I attempted aborting it which almost saw my demise”

“This was not the first time, he also did it to me for the second time and today, I have two children for him.

she said it is furstrating that Dennis will be talking integrity and corruption issues when his hands are dirty with the same print of corrutpion and sexual expoiltation.

Dennis, however, denied the allegations and said it was a ploy by the administration to taint his integrity. He said at no point in time has he met the person in question or interacted with the alleged victim.

He said maybe when the Journalist provides him audio and video evidence of the girl, he may speak.


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