River Cess and Sinoe Counties Conclude A Two-Day Dialogue Forum Aim At Resolving Boundary Dispute


A two-day boundary dispute resolution forum organized by the Liberia Peace Building Network with funding from UNDP, ended today with an agreement signed by River Cess and Sinoe Counites to accept the coordinates of the 1962 Map indicating the demarcations of the 15 Political Sub-divisions of the Republic of Liberia.

The dialogue between the two disputed counties was held on August 20-21, 2019 at Kaplan Hotel in the Port city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Interestingly, both counties were represented by eminent citizens, current and past leaders of their respective counties.
Senators Francis S. Paye and Dallas A.V. Gueh, Hon. Amos G. Somah, Acting County Superintendent, G. Roberto Dole and Jay Jonathan Banney former Senators, Wellington Geevon Smith former Superintendent amongst other personalities participated during the dialogue for River Cess.
While Senator Augustine Chea, Representative Matthew Zarzar, Superintendent Lee Nagba Chea and T. Romeo Quiah former Superintendent were amongst those that represented Sinoe County.

A team from the ministry of Internal Affairs headed by Minister Varney Sirleaf also witnessed the occasion and called on the respective parties to remain peaceful, and respect every legal indicator provided by his ministry to help address these land disputes.
At the close of the two days dialogue, both counties’ leaderships along with Minister Sirleaf will within three weeks organize an audience with President George Mannah Weah to discuss what was agreed upon by the counties.

And that two months later following the meeting with the President, a team will be sent between River Cess and Sinoe Counties to identify the coordinates as mentioned in the 1962 Map.