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Robertsport-City, Beauty In Darkness

It is an open secret that Liberia is endowed with natural beauty and untouched resources that can help develop the Country in no time if well utilized but the old age problem of corruption, bad governance, poor leadership ability, mismanagement of the Country’s natural resources among others is something the people across Liberia are on a daily basis feeling the pinched.

Liberia, Africa’s oldest republic has a fertile soil, greenish environment, Abundance of natural resources, unique culture a little over 4m population among others and is as well blessed with two seasons, Rainy and Dry.

However, and in spite of the blessings from God, the people are living below the poverty belt of less than a dollar a day as some people go to bed without having a meal.

The Country is divided into four regions two of whom are heavily impoverished though rich in resources and soil namely: South Eastern and the Western Regions respectively.

In Western Liberia specifically Grand Cape Mount County, A Beautiful County but is in complete darkness due to several reasons, said an elder of Grand Cape Mount, Musa sheriff.

Its Capital City Robertsport named after former Liberian First President Joseph Jenkins Robert is situated along the coastal region of Liberia and host a bluish and admirable Lake Piso that is yet to be untapped.

The County is blessed with a fantastic land scape, low lands in most areas and hilly as well which can be used for touristic and other purposes.

Robertsport, according to many is million-dollars investment City in-disguise because of its attraction to tourism but is yet to be tapped as expected due to the failure of National Government to practically implement to the core the tourism component at the Ministry of Information, said a Citizen of Grand Cape Mount County.

“James Passewe told this entity that he feels bad and shame to come to his County and always see it the same old way, lying in ruins unlike other Counties, “this we the younger generations has to change”, he added.

He attributed some of the problems to some leaders of Grand Cape Mount including the people themselves who up till press time refused to do away with tribal, sectional and or religions divisions within the County, among others.

“The County is highly divided mainly on Tribal and political lines”, he pointed out.

Some group of people to include Via and Gola feel they own the County while others believe that they are the majority due to the geographical portion of the County which they reside or occupied, this a son of the County said is largely responsible to further tear apart and split the County into a deeper pit of underdevelopment.

He named deplorable road condition, poor health care and sanitation facilities, lack of quality education, In-sufficient security presence and youth empowerment opportunities including vocational and skills training education as challenges affecting the growth process of the County.

James narrated that Grand Cape Mount County problems are not different from others mainly the Country in general as such it is now time that his people join forces together, do away with the different divides, maximized fully the rich gift and blessings from God and help developed the County.

With nice beaches, fresh and natural breeze and cold air, the people there dominantly survived on fishing which normally flourishes during the dry season as such the City is most often seen as a Beautiful City in Darkness because of its single instead of double activities and or functions.

Grand Cape Mount according to LISGIS recent Household, Income and Expenditure Survey ranked the County as one of the poorest in Liberia though rich in resources and soil.

A call now to rewrite the history of Grand Cape Mount County for the better, Mr. Passawe, noted.

The County was established 1856 but is underdeveloped in several areas including infrastructure Development, Health, Agriculture and is largely poverty stricken but if well utilized especially its natural beauty and resources mainly in tourism, smile can once more get back on the faces of its over 66,000 people who are generally noted for the production in Farina, Cassava Leaf, fishes and the proud of the County, Lake Piso, a true beauty in Darkness.



Julius Konton
Julius Kontonhttps://kmtvliberia.com
I am Julius N. Konton Sr. a young and creative Liberian Journalist with over ten years of practical experience in the field of Journalism both from the electronic and print media end respectively. I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication with emphasis in Political Science and also achieved several awards and certificates in the field of Journalism. Email: julius.konton@gmail.com Cell: +231776311835/+231886959548

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