Grand Cape Mount: Electricity for Kinjor Community, President Weah Vows if Victor Watson is Elected Senator


Grand Cape Mount County was light up with the Liberian red white and blue colors by supporters and residents of Kinjor Community as they received their leader, President George Weah and Victor Watson, CDC political candidate for the senatorial bid in that county.

Testifying to why the people of Grand Cape Mount County should vote for Victor Watson, the Liberian leader said, Mr. Watson, is a good man who is working in the interest of the people.

Mr. Weah appealed to the citizens of Grand Cape Mount County to vote Mr. Watson to help make the right decision in the House of elders for the betterment of the country

President George Manneh Weah meanwhile pledged to electrify Kinjor Community when they elect Victor Watson as the county Senator.

  • Speaking to the people of Grand Cape Mount, President Weah continued the YES campaign as he explained to Liberians why they should vote YES on all counts of the referendum during the December 8, 2020 elections.

Pres. Weah at the same time continued to preach the good news of the wearing of marks and the observance of the COVID-19 health protocols by the Ministry of Health.

The President added that Covid-19 is real and all Liberians should make it their mandate to help one another to live a healthy life and also save lives.

The program was graced by many political leaders of the party and some government officials.