Robertsport : Fisherman Association Appeals for Support


The Chairman of the Collaborative Management Association is carrying out for government support towards fishermen in Grand Cape Mount County.

Charles W. Simpson who heads a local fishing network said, the only income generation for hundreds of families in the area is through fishing in the Atlantic ocean, and materials to facilitate their work are lacking.

“Fishermen continue complained of empowerment when it comes to materials such as life savings boats, fishing nets, a boat with machines  among others.”

He further said, as an institution, they are in collaboration with the  National Fishery and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) to enable the government to generate revenue and collect accurate data on the number of fisherman in the area.

He said without the support from Government, revenue generation will decline as most fishermen will not be able to sail on the ocean catching fish.

The Chairman of the Collaborative Management Association also mentioned that as an organization, they are cleaning beaches along the lake in terms of solid waste collection and have so far contracted 24 persons for the project funded by the Iceland government.

Speaking about sanitation, he said major communities within the city were able to get latrine facilities, which is discouraging citizens from using the lake and bushes to throw dirt and defecate.

Mr. Simpson disclosed to our reporter that their network is raising funds at the fishing landing site from their facilities such as latrines,  gas station, daycare school among others, but they need national government funding.

He at the same time appeal to the national government through NaFAA to give more attention to the facility in making sure that it meets the true potential.

The fisherman landing site is a World Bank-sponsored project in Robertsport City,  Grand Cape Mount County, that helps to reduce poverty and improve the living condition of fishermen and give them economic empowerment Mr. Sampson noted.