Rock Crushers Decry Poor Living Conditions, Want Government Intervention


By Ayeason Yeeba

Scores of rock crushers in the Walakor Community in Paynesville have decried difficulties in earning daily meals.

The crushers, mostly young people, blamed the situation on what they described as a lack of opportunities to explore their full potential and dreams.

One of the crushers, Angeline Tiah, who is a mother of 3 children, said her decision to crushed rocks is triggered by the current hardship in the country.

“We are suffering too, let them help us too,” she said.

Another crusher only identified as Alfred, attributed the slow pace in the purchasing of rocks, due to the coming in of a Chinese owned rock crushing company in the area.

He noted that customers are driven by the quality attached to the Chinese rocks crushed by machines than the ones they crushed with their hands.

He wants the government to empower them and reserve the Crushing of rocks exclusively for Liberian businesses.

Alfred is a 12th Grade student and self-supported. He appealed to government and philanthropists to aid him in his educational endeavor.

“We usually do this for us to get money and to support ourselves in school,” Alfred explained.

He narrated that rocks crushing possess a serious challenge for him to attend classes every day, stating that the site is the only source of income that enables him with tuitions and transportations.

None of the rock crushers had on protective gear, a condition that exposes them to danger. The blasting of rocks by fire and the Crushing of rocks are all being done in the same environment