Rufus Neufville Lies? Alleges Government Gives Cash To Council Of Patriots To Call-Off Protest

Mr. Rufus Neufville
Mr. Rufus Neufville

The head of the Independent Council of Patriots, Mr. Rufus Neufville told the nation that the Liberian government has provided $200,000 (two hundred thousand United States dollars) to leaders of the Council of Patriots as bribe to cut off Monday’s protest .

Neufville made the comments hours after leaders of COP postponed their peaceful protest schedule for December 30, 2019 in Liberia.

“The four guys receive two hundred thousand dollars cash last night  and they decided to used the international community as a scapegoat to call-off their protest.” He lamented.

Independent Council of Patriots leader said, the American and partners  did a statement a week ago and cautioned COP leader Henry Costa about his inflammatory remarks and as well called on protestors to abide  in accordance with the laws of Liberia “the appeal from our partners was not last night.”

He also said the Council of Patriots also lacks the capacity to raise the numerical gathering for the protest and boasted that he was the main engine that mobilized citizens during the June 7, 2019 protest.

Meanwhile, a release signed by Government spokesman, Eugene Lenn Nagbe said, the Government of Liberia takes very seriously the allegation that it engaged in acts of bribery in order to quell the agitation by leaders of the Council of Patriots.

The government views the claim which was made by Rufus Neufville, the chairman of the Independent Council of Patriots group, as grave and troubling.

Mr. Nange said, the government has therefore ordered a speedy investigation into the allegation by did not name those on such investigation panel .

Eugene Lenn Nagbe
Eugene Lenn Nagbe

He stated that the administration of President George M. Weah has repeatedly made known its zero tolerance for corruption and therefore does not condone unsubstantiated pronouncements which impugn the image of the government or any of its officials.

However, if these statements bear any iota of truth, the public can be assured that the culprits will face the full weight of the law in an expeditious manner.

Minister Nangbe said the government’s engagements with leaders of the COP, with the full participation of the international community and the Council of Churches, have been transparent and in good faith.

It therefore wishes to reassure the public of its full adherence to all the tenets of democracy, while also being cognizant of an even greater responsibility to maintain the peace and public order.

Meanwhile , Senator Abraham D. Dillon one of the organizers of the Peaceful Protest said, Mr. Rufus  Neufville was not truthful to the Liberian people about his allegation against members of COP.

In a social media post Dillon said, “Well, our young friend Rufus Neufville now has the notorious recognition he sought in his unprincipled hustle, and the perfect place to publicly prove his wildcat allegation of “bribery.”

According to him he was not going to say a word regarding the allegations against COP because he knows Neufville’s character very well. “That was why I insisted we kicked him out of CoP long ago. Thank God we did!!” he said .

Senator Abraham Dillon
Senator Abraham Dillon

Mr. Dillon said “Now, he and the government  can go on with their cat and rat game!!! Interestingly, however, the government  has fallen short of telling the consequences or actions to be taken should there be “no iota of truth” after finding that Rufus LIED! Hahaha!!

In a more comic remarks Senator Dillon said, Rufus, your “$200K” came in which denomination? $1? $5? $10? $20? $50? or $100? Hahaha.

Up to press time there has been no official response from the council of Patriots on the allegations against their leadership .

Investigations continues.