Salary Harmonization Wahala, Benefits/Pains


More tension is said to be brewing among scores of Liberians mainly public servants in the wake of the controversial harmonization exercise.

Currently about one thousand public School Teachers have threatened not to return to classes until their July salaries which they noted were cut into half is given to them.

One of them explained that he was making 14,000ld but received a text message in salary of 7,000ld while another narrated that she was earning a monthly salary of 18,000ld but was shocked to see a text message salary of 9,000ld respectively.

According to one of the aggrieved teachers what is more annoying is that the current salary is small and also they were not informed and or consulted before taken such decision.

They argued that the harmonization process is unjust, untimely and should be reversed urgently.

The teachers thought they as public servants to include: Health Workers, Security personnel and many others would have been exempted from the process due to their enormous sacrifices to the Country but it is the contrary something they indicated is dehumanizing for them especially at this current time of the Country’s struggling economy.

In Bomi County the situation is the same as teachers there have also threatened to lay down their chalks until the right thing is done by national government.

According to latest news Security and Health workers are also being affected by the harmonization or cut in salary saga.

The   situation is currently raising tension as many parents say they may not be able to send their children to School including sustaining their families if such issue is not address in a timely manner.

Initially, the plan according to the crafted to include the Civil Service Agency and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning would have seen Teachers, Security and Health personnel benefiting in different categories but said is the reversed.

 Moreover, the situation according to reports has prompted the swift intervention of members of the national legislature due to the executive failure to include and or consult the legislature.

On Tuesday, members of the Liberian Senate called for a total halt to the process until the right thing is done.

Credible information have it that the Minister of State For Presidential Affairs Nathaniel Mcgill, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor including key members of the 54th National Legislature are said to be reviewing the urgent national situation before it blows out of proposition.

Meanwhile an influential member of the  House of Representatives, Bomi County Lawmaker  Edwin Snowe said he does not support the process.

According to him it is more dehumanizing, the cut in the people’s salary at this time and age.

He is recommending the cut in other non essential government related expenses rather than cutting of the ordinary people salaries. 

Until final decision on addressing the issue can be addressed there are still unanswered questions as the ordinary people are now the victims of the process which they should have benefiting from as pains and mix-feelings are now the order of the day among the affected people.




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