Sanitary Group ‘Purifiers’ Receives Honors


Purifiers, a sanitary group that is ensuring that the streets of Kakata City, Margibi County are clean, has for the first time received honors for their commitment and dedication to the city and its people from the Moijama Education Foundation in Margibi.

The group has been gathering as early as 5: 00 Am cleaning huge piles of garbage in the city and educating residents and marketers about hygiene practices and how to dispose of trash.

However, their efforts are normally overlooked by County authorities and other citizens in Margibi and Liberia at large.

Recently, the Moijama Education Foundation in Margibi has appreciated their effort by honoring them and showing appreciation for the work members of their team, mostly women, are doing to keep the city of Kakata clean and green.

The Moijama Education Foundation honoring program, according to the founder and Executive Director Mrs. Moijama D. Kamara, is part of the organization’s way of appreciating those working to keep the City of Kakata clean and promote hygiene.

Mrs. Dunor- Kamara pointed out that the honoring program is to appreciate and thank those workers, noting that, seeing them in the streets as early cleaning and ensuring that the City of Kakata is clean and befriending everyone that passes is a good thing.

She said, the workers are true heroes of the city, and the foundation has seen the efforts and wants to appreciate them.

She further encouraged the Kakata City cleaners to remain focused on doing their work even with the difficulties of budget.

“You get up very early in the morning hours to ensure that the city of Kakata is clean. You are overlooked by many of our people in the country, they feel that you are not important in society, but we have come to recognize your effort by honoring you today and saying thank you” Mrs. Dunor Narrated.

Sanitation workers of the Kakata City Corporation (KCC) certificated were: Senior and Junior City Inspectors, Sweepers, and Truckers.

In remarks, Inspector Morlu Jallah, thanked the foundation for such an appreciation program and said it is the first time in the city for a group to honor inspectors, sweepers, and truckers of the Kakata City Corporation (KCC).

” We want to express our gratitude to the Foundation. This is the first time in the history of our County and we now feel that we are recognized by society” Jallah added.


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