Rural Women President Wants Save Homes For SGBV Survivors


By: Angeline Nuah ( Reporter)

Liberia Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Awareness Movement organization has officially been launched in country to fight against SGBV and rape.

The launching ceremony was recently held on the campus of the University of Liberia and  brought together scores of SGBV advocates who spoke on issues affecting women and girls in the country.

SGBV advocates

Since the establishment of the organization months ago, they have been effective in creating SGBV awareness to women and children, and pressuring the government to protect its citizens.

Madam Kebbeh who is the President of the Rural Woman Association of Liberia at the lunched of the group stressed the urgency for safe homes  in all counties in Liberia.

She said those protective homes were established before and as such, the Ministry of Gender needs to advance the safe homes to cope with current day reality to protected survivors.

“Safe homes must  be provided in all counties in Liberia so as to buttress their efforts in providing protection for women and children.”says Madam Kebbeh Monger.”

She added that love is lacking among citizens in Liberia and in order to be successful in the fight against rape and SGBV, Liberians should love one another to help end the culture of rape.

Participants at the SGBV lunching ceremony

Moreover, Madame Monger further urged Citizens especially women to serve as security for their children and themselves by carefully watching the activities and movements of rapists and not to also be victimized by their actions.

“I just look at this case to be for every Liberians, we should take ownership and make awareness all over for our children.  As a mother, as a father, we need to create awareness and tell the people what rape is. People raping baby, are they sound minded person that doing that kind of act?” She questioned.

In addition, the President of Women of Liberia Peace Network, Una Kumah Thomason said,  the country is not at peace and stressed that to have a peaceful nation, women and children’s safety needs to be prioritized.

According to her, by the declaration of rape and SGBV as a national emergency, it shows that the country is not moving forward.

She has urged the government of Liberia to apply more efforts in securing the environment for the safety of women and girls in the nation.

Mrs Una also advised women across Liberia to stop compromising SGBV abuses whether for job or others issues.

“Maintain their prides as women of prestige will also help in the mitigation of rape and other forms of violence hampering their smooth and peaceful movement” Mrs Una added.

The Liberia SGBV Awareness Movement during the program certificated the Press Union of Liberia as a means of appreciating members for their continues supportive efforts towards the fight against rape and other forms of violence.

The group said PUL constant coverage of SGBV cases made their lunch a success as it has helped them to be in the know of things and also make their work smooth.

In response, PUL Assistant General Secretary, Akoi Baysah, congratulated his colleagues for their good work and further urged journalists to continue their raptorial duties to make impacts that will help to make Liberia a better place to live.

Though President George Weah recently declared rape a national emergency after series of protests actions by some citizens and SGBV advocates aimed at raising alarm to end rape, but the culture of rape is still hampering the movement of women and girls in the country.



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