In Grand Bassa, Second Judicial Circuit Court Orders the Closure of all SDA Facilities


By: King Brown

The Second Judicial Circuit Court in Grand Bassa County on Tuesday, November 25, ordered the closure of all facilities owned by the South-East Mission of the Seventh Day Adventist in Buchanan until the court’s judgment is fully satisfied.

The Mission office, the Pastor’s Residence, the school, and the church are the facilities that were closed on Tuesday.

The decision from the court was done by the directive of his Honor, Ousman F. Feik, resident judge of the Second Judicial Circuit Court of Grand Bassa County.

According to the court’s document in possession of KMTV, the SDA administrators in 2012 agreed to lease a portion of their property to Mr. Hassan Nasser to be used for the construction of a business center, but the SDA administration has refused to produce the property or return the money.


The court’s document states that Mr. Nasser of the Nasser supermarket located on Tubman Street paid the amount of seven thousand United States Dollars (US$7,000) to the SDA administration in 2012 to lease a portion of their facility.

Mr. Nasser said the SDA mission has done nothing to turn over a portion of their property to them or returning their money, something that prompted the Nasser family’s decision to go through the legal proceeding.

The SDA mission has been ordered to pay back the money or turnover the proposed property to Mr. Nasser.

The Principal of the SDA School in Buchannan, Levia Falmah has promised to speak on the matter at an appropriate time.