SEGAL Boss Wants Private Security Armed; Calls For Stronger Private National Security Collaboration


The Head of the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) Momo Cyrus, is calling for stronger Private and National Security collaboration.

According to Mr. Cyrus the private sector security personnel are significant partner of Liberia’s national security sector and noted that such collaboration will go a long way for the Country.

The SEGAL boss speaking at souvenir program marking the achievement awards ceremony in the aviation security basic “AVSEC” STP, 123 Course, Mr. Cyrus said private security individuals are professionally trained, experienced and can collectively work to protect the Country’s peace and security.

Justifying further, He said it is key for such collaboration because it will help reduce the stress police and other national security personnel go through in the discharged of proper peace and stability across the Country.

Additionally, he indicated that the need to armed private security individuals cannot be over emphasized.

Cyrus said he is not particularly talking about officers of SEGAL but generally professional, experienced and trained private security people who he is of the conviction can carry arms for the proper protection of the citizenry.

The Security expert refuted claims that Liberia is a fragile state.

He said Liberia has had three successes election and with the support and protection of both the private and national security individuals, things can get better in the security sector of the Country.

He uttered that Liberia has now graduated from being a fragile state to a developing nation especially in the security sector.

Also speaking at the end of the program was the “AVSEC”-Manager of the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority, Nuah Padmore said,

“ I am very impressed by the level of work done at SEGAL” he noted”.

He added, the training program is laudable and has met all international recommended practices as well as standards as such it should be encouraged by all in the sector.

Nuah told the graduates that Liberia is one of the founding members of the International Aviation Organization and added that it is time to step up to their game and ensure it reaches international standard.
After nearly a month of intensive training, about twenty-five officers were trained in international aviation security protection and are now expected to provide security in said sector.



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