Sen. Dillon Wants Lawmakers Join August 25 March Against Rape


By Eric Gerlay (Intern)

Montserrado Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon says, he has made up his mind and at the same time calling on other Lawmakers to join Tuesday, August 25, March against the current wave of Rape and Sexual Based Violence (SGBV) in the country.

According to the latest updates from the Gender Ministry, there have been over 1000 Sexual Based violence cases and at least 900 cases of Rape reported since the outbreak of the global Covid-19 Pandemic.

Senator Dillon made the disclosure on Friday in a social media post expressing his intent and describing the current situation as a devilish act that needs national attention.

“As a father myself, it pains my heart whenever a child is raped. As a national leader in the Senate, it shames me whenever we (Senator) collectively fail to properly represent the interests of our people.

They are losing faith in us; that is if they have not already lost faith in us completely due to our failure to act for and on their behalf.
Since June 29 this year, we formally wrote the Senate, drawing the attention of the Senate to the increasing rate of violent crimes against our people.

We made reference to the devilish acts of rape being committed against especially our children. We urged the Senate to urgently act in line with our oversight responsibilities to bring relief to our people.

Since June 29, the Senate has not acted, and these violent crimes against our people continue to increase unabated.

Babies are being raped, some have even died as a result of such devilish acts meted against them. Yet, nothing seems to be done to bring relief! This is sad and troubling!!!

NOTE: In America and some other places, Lawmakers do join their people to protest on issues the system fails to address for their people.

It is no crime or ‘politics’ for a Lawmaker to show solidarity with his people on issues that matter to them!”, Senator Dillon.