Sen. Nuqauy Launches $L3.2M Scholarship Scheme in Margibi


Kakata Margibi County- Margibi County Senator J. Emmanuel Nuquay has launched L$3.2 million scholarship scheme in the county.

The scholarship scheme, the second of its kind from the lawmaker, was launched over the weekend in Kakata, Margibi County.

The scholarship funds are being managed by a specialized committee of educators and prominent citizens of Margibi country including former superintendent John Buway and James S. Lomol.

According to Senator Nuquay, L$2 million of the $LD 3.2 million, is set to be distributed for top-performing students in Kakata, while L$500,000 will be given to Weala Community.

He further noted that Dwazon Community in lower Margibi will also benefit L$500,000 and the New Life, Joezohn and Duwor Town in the Mamba settlement in Lower Margibi will obtain LD $200,000.00.

According to Senator Nuqauy, the total expenditure for education in Margibi for academic 2021/2022 stands at 3.9 Million Liberian Dollars and $ US 2,000.

Senator Nuqauy is further calling on students benefiting from the Scholarship to remain focus and follow up with their lessons.


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