Senator Dillon Backlashed for Overlaping Function, Wants Senate Reduced to Auditing Firm


Even though his colleagues enlightened his mind on best financial practices on debt portfolio, Senator Dillon seems to be on an ignoring path among his fellow Senators.

The senator has twice been told by his colleagues that the function of the Legislature is not to ask for information that will undermine the function of an auditing institution.

It can be recalled during one of the Senate sessions, the senator raised concern over the debt portfolio which is part of the national budget.

Although the issue has since been part of the Plenary discussion to arrive at a logical conclusion, Senator Darius Dillon was warned not to cross his line.

His continual quest for inquiries on Liberia’s debt portfolio led the Senate Plenary to have mandated a joint committee constituting committees on Public Accounts and Audits alongside Ways, Means, and Finance to conduct public hearings with the Ministry of Finance and Development Plenary which was conducted on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

Senate Plenary brought on the floor the discussion thus resulting in the hearing on Thursday, but was backlashed.

But some members of the Senate including Grand Kru Senator Nominee Barteqwa, Senator Milton Teahjay of Sinoe County, and others took back on the action by Senator Dillon “that undermines third legislative function”.

What his colleagues see as “uncalled for” is that the Montserrado Senator continues requesting information that will reduce the Liberian Senate to beocming an auditing firm.

The Montserrado County Senator during the public hearing after being told by his colleagues to do so asked the Ministry of Finance to provide a list including names of institutions, businesses, and individuals to the government of Liberia is indebted.

He further asked for other documents which his colleagues advised him not to because ” doing so will take the function of anti-graft institutions like the General Auditing Commission which is responsible to conduct such function for auditing purposes.

The Senators believe asking the ministry for such information is overlapping his legislative function which is far from oversight.

But Senator Darius Dillon upon ignoring his colleagues was reminded by the Ministry that such information can not be provided unless the Legislature deems it necessary and will be willing to face the Court in case of any eventuality of a lawsuit.

According to the Ministry, during so could provoke any institutions or individuals to take the Government of Liberia to court for publishing their names without their consent.

As told by his colleagues previously, the Ministry repeated the same advice to the Senator that asking them for confidential information and to be published in the responsibility of an audit Agency and not the Legislature.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of



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