Senator Dillon Submits Draft Act Seeking to Reduce Lawmakers’ Salaries Below US$5K


Montserrado County Senator Abe Darius Dillon has submitted to the Senate Plenary through the office of the Senate Pro-Tempore a Draft Act seeking to set and enact the monthly salaries, allowances, and benefits of members of the legislature to at most US$5,000.

The Draft Art is expected to be discussed in the senate session for passage if the majority agrees to its rationality. According to the communication, the Draft Act, according to Senator Dillon is in keeping with Article 36 of the Liberian Constitution.

Senator Dillon in his communications to his colleagues highlighted the economic downturn the country is faced with and as such, the need for the passage of the bill is cardinal to the growth of the country.

Addressing a news conference Thursday, the Montserrado Senator said the amount for members of the legislature is acceptable in reaching their respective expenditures and benefits.

Senator Dillon told reporters that he and his team have tested said amount for their operational cost and other needs that met their monthly goals and targets.

This, the one-year senator seeking additional term noted is applicable at all levels at the legislature.

He however expressed optimism about the passage of the Draft Art using his persuasive method to get other senators in agreement to the proposed Art.