Senator Dillon, Was President Weah’s Address, An Annual Report / Inaugural Speech?


Following the fulfillment of one of his constitutional mandates on the fourth working Monday of each year to the National Legislature , the Liberian leader George Weah one hour fifty-two minutes’ address on Monday January 27, 2020 yell the people of Liberia has been so far been as obvious x-ray by Liberians in general including stakeholders and Lawmakers of the 54th National Legislature as part of good democratic tenants.

One of such Lawmakers is Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of Montserrado County who in his observation described the President’s address as an inaugural speech rather than an annual report to the Legislature as call for under the Constitution of Liberia.

According to him the President speech was a reputation of old things which are like a song already been sang in the ears of the Liberian people.

“We need practical and implementable solutions to Liberia’s problems and not the usual talk and no tangle outcomes, Senator Dillon, noted.

Speaking to Reporters minutes after President Weah’s annual report to his people,  the opposition Lawmaker called for workable solutions to the challenges confronting the growth process of the State.

On the issue of peace and reconciliation to Liberians, Senator Dillon urged President Weah to first reconcile with his Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor though he did not state clearly if the two national leaders have some political or personal differences apart from media reports that the office of the VP has been under including not supported by the President, a claim KMTV News cannot independent verify.

In the midst of this, political pundits say the hand shake and a hug  by the two leaders on Monday in the public gathering was a sign of unity and reconciliation though others say it was a stage manage and make-up political scene intended to mislead the public from the real issue.

Moreover, the Montserrado County Lawmaker challenged President Weah to do more in fighting positively for the rights of women including gender issues and not to mention that he is the feminist in chief but in actual reality, it is the opposite, the current case of VP Taylor, he added.

However, the Liberian leader maintained that he is the feminist in chief and in said position he will champion the cause to promote and protect women rights, mainstream gender issues across the Country by establishing gender and social inclusion units at all Government Line Ministries and agencies.

“It is time to leave no one behind in the fight to protect and promote the rights of women and girls including boys as well as eliminating or minimizing sexual gender base violence cases in the Country”, the Liberian Leader assured his people.

In his annual message to the Liberian people in general President Weah among other things called on Liberians to “Give Him Small Chance Yah” in order to address the issues at hand.

He additionally, acknowledged some of the challenges in his government and was hasten to disclosed that “Many Things we will need to be corrected” under his watch especially the year 2020.

The Liberian leader in a spirit of ones, unity and sustaining the uninterrupted peace encouraged all Liberians to join forces together to work with his government of inclusion if they should bring lasting solutions to the huge challenges facing the nation and its people.

He also promised the completion of the Executive Mansion, the home of the President before the end of 2020.

The national and annual gathering which normally bring together Liberians and members of the diplomatic corps under one umbrella was held at the grounds of the capitol building.

Whether positive, negative or mixed views, the debate on several issues raised by the president will continue in the coming days all in the interest of moving Liberia forward.