Senator Dillon’s Pilot Project Targets 20- Females Zogos.


Walk down the streets of Monrovia and other parts, you will see disadvantage people (Zogos) in their numbers on a daily  hunt to snatch away any valuable items  from peaceful citizens .

In Liberia, the Zogos called it hustle because they are lacking jobs, business and other source of survival due to the current situation in Liberia that has no programs to care for  disadvantage people.

This situation has claimed the attention of Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon, who is lobbying in the US with friends to rehabilitate Zogos and make them productive and self-reliance in Liberia.

Dillon at several town hall meetings in the USA, drew support for the program by narrating the painful and awful situation ongoing in Liberia with zogos.

The audience nodded their heads and folded their arms in shocked  at various town hall meetings when  Senator Abe Dillon gives a vivid picture about how  disadvantage citizens(ZOGOS) are terrorizing peaceful citizens in the streets.

Dillon believes, the situation needs urgent attention because it puts his people in harms way, thereby creating  national security threat to  peaceful citizens and to the country at large.

“This thing about disadvantage people in the streets is a national security threat to Liberia and our people personal safety; no government, from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to George Weah, non has worked or is working to reduce such or  organized program to reform our citizens(ZOGOs)”.

Dillon narrated the story about a Pastor  who died why fighting to save his $10usd phone from a zogo. The Montserrado County Senator said the Zogo in his quest to purchase drugs, jerked the Pastor’s phone and when the Pastor tried  to redeem his phone from the zogo, he was stabbed several times  which resulted into his death.

He also explained how citizens too are furious  with zogos and are killing them whenever they are caught terrorizing peaceful citizens .

Said Dillon “ Citizens are angry with zogo stealing their proprieties and they kill them too”.

According to Senator Dillon, upon his arrival to Liberia next month, he will commence a 6-8months  pilot project to rehabilitate twenty females disadvantage Liberians (zogos) and their kids.

He said they will be detox from drugs, alcohol  and provided basic skills like tailoring, driving, amongst others aimed at making them self- reliance and useful to society after staying at a  secure the rehabilitation facilities.

He also disclosed that the gesture is his signature program for the people of Montserrado county  “My signature program will help reform citizens and get them off the streets”.

Meanwhile, speaking over the weekend in an exclusive interview with KMTV-USA correspondents,  Senator Dillon also thrown jabs as his colleagues in the Legislature and  President Weah for playing blind eyes on the plight of the disadvantage citizens .

He made reference to a recent donation of the President who provided $5-thousad Liberian dollars to zogos without any rehabilitation and skills opportunities . He said such amount contributed to zogos buying huge quality of drugs.

“ The people looking for $25LD to buy marijuana (weed) and you  give them five thousand Liberian dollars, you know how many loads(weeds) they will buy” he arrived .

He also disclosed why the 6-8monhts pilot project is ongoing he will commence the purchasing of 10 acers of land  and build a structure that will accommodate over 300 persons. He said the facilities will contain, vocation institute  Church, mosque, rehabilitation centers , clinic, reconciliation facilities amongst others.

The cost of the complex to host the zogos  is projected at   1.2 million  USD and he said such amount will be generated from good will gesture and friends.

Sounding very confident  about raising the money for the project, Dillon  said “ where there is will there is a way”. He said Liberian home and abroad are giving him assurance of supporting such initiatives which  is urgently needed in the Liberian society .