Senator Gbleh-Bo Brown Wants Halt to Health Workers Retirement, Files Bill to Establish Vocational Center  


Maryland County Senator J. Gbleh-Bo Brown, is seeking the indulgence of plenary to mandate the halting of the current retirement of health workers in Liberia.

The Senator in his letter addressed to the plenary dated September 13, 2020 said, the Civil Service Commission is currently implementing plan that seeks to retire Medical Doctors and Nurses against the advice of the Ministry of Health.

According to Senator Brown, while he does not question the mandate of the Civil Servants Agency, the implementation of the retirement policy at the Health Ministry at this moment is not timely.

In his communication to his colleagues, the Maryland Lawmaker said, the process if not halted could undermined the fight against the COVID-19.

Senator Brown said, the Ministry of Health has informed the Civil Servants Agency about the untimely retirement process but has been ahead to.

This, the Senator noted is “unfair to the health sector especially when the ration between patients and doctors or nurses is high.”

Senator Gbleh-Bo Brown who is one of the  Committee members  on Ways, Means and Finance, noted that the retirment of health workers should be considered on the basis of replacement.

In another development, the Maryland County Senator is craving the indulgence of the plenary to pass a bill seeking the establishment of a vocational training center in Blebo, Maryland County.

The Senator reached his decision because according to him, Tubman University cannot educationally serve the young populace of that part of Liberia.

“Blebo is the commercial center where young people are most vulnerable and we want this project be erected to transform the minds of the young people”, he told journalists.

Senator Gbleh-Bo Brown revealed that modalities are carryout to establish  the institution as it remains subject to passage at the Legislature.