Senator Johnson Describes the Arrest of Orange CEO as Unlawful


Emmanuel TJ Kollie (Intern)

Bomi county Senator Sando Johnson has described as unlawful the arrest of Mamadou Coulibaly, CEO of Orange Liberia GSM Company.

Mr. Coulibaly along with others were recently invited by the National Security Agency (NSA) for questioning due to their allege involvement in the June 25, violence act. Some individuals believed to be members of the Council of Patriots (COP) set tyres ablaze along the Tubman Boulevard in the Old road Community, disrupting free movement and causing panic for citizens.

Senator Johnson believes that the arrest of Coulibaly is illegal and has the ability to scare away potential investors. He said government’s action is counterproductive and will send a bad signal to the outside world.

“Orange Liberia is one of the major investment companies contributing to the country. To treat their CEO in that form and manner, I condemn it, and ask the government to desist and release the man immediately, you do not treat a foreign investor like that in your country,’’ senator Johnson said.

According to the Bomi county lawmaker, the country’s economy is already challenged and people who are helping for the betterment of the country’s growth should not be treated in such a form and manner.

However, Senator Johnson frowned at the perpetrators of the violence act and said that such an action should be discouraged. Senator Johnson added that he is not against any protest in Liberia, but such act should be done in accordance with the law.

“There is nothing wrong with protest. CoP has organized many protests in Liberia, once those protests are peaceful we will always support it and guide it,’’ he said.

He however wants government to double its efforts in addressing the plights of its citizens. According to him if government is not swift to look into the plights of citizens, they will have no alternative but to take the laws into their own hands.

In its reaction to incident regarding the invitation extended to its CEO, the company issued the statement below:

“The Chief Executive Officer of Orange Liberia Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly was invited by the National Security Agency (NSA) of Liberia for questioning in relation to protests held in Monrovia on June 25, 2020, against the imposition of new Surcharges on mobile voice on-net and data.

Orange assures the public that Orange Liberia stands by its policy of non-involvement in politics as it is the main rule of conduct within the Group worldwide. Under no circumstances does Orange support politics nor has the company or any, of its executives been involved in political actions directly or indirectly.

As regards to the issue of the imposition of Surcharges to current tariffs, and as Orange Liberia’s shareholder, Orange Group has analyzed the impact of the Surcharges of the LTA Order 0016- 02-25-19 and concluded that these additional Surcharges imposed to GSM operators are jeopardizing their investments and their business continuity in Liberia.

Therefore, the Board of Orange Liberia instructed Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly, as CEO of the company, to make a case before the Courts of Liberia. Orange, as a law-abiding corporation, believes that the best recourse is always through the use of dialogue with the authorities and the rule of law.”


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