Senator Karnga -Lawrence Breaks Political Barriers


By: NUWO DAVID ( Correspondent, Ghana)

The Political leader of Liberty Party, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence ,has termed her ascendency as head of the Collaborating Political Party (CPP), as another pathway for women heading political seats in Liberia.

Senator Karnga-Lawrance on Wednesday, February 3, took over the mantle of authority of the CPP from Mr. Alexander Cummings in compliance with the eight-month duration for each chairman of the party.

She also blasted the ruling party, Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), for promoting male counterparts over females and have been on a campaign undermining and cheating for males to triumph on their political tickets.

“Thanks to the CPP that not only has the CPP met the 30% threshold for the participation of women but a woman now chairs the CPP. Shamefully for the ruling coalition, even where women have won, the ruling coalition has tried to cheat and undermine the progress of women, our right to participate, and our success in the elections. Enough is enough! She arrived.

Karnga -Lawrence said, her ascendency to head the CPP speaks of gender equality and the inclusiveness of all Liberians in national decision-making and leadership that the opposition has brought to reality.

She wants women to break barriers and compete with their male counterparts in all sector of the society, stressing equal participation of women in politics is essential to building and sustaining strong, vibrant democracies.

“As I take over today, I do so for all women and girls everywhere; my chairmanship is all women chairmanship, let us join our course to press for more women’s inclusion and participation” she added.

Throwing jabs at her critic when she took over the collaboration Wednesday , she said the CPP is stronger as evidenced by the ascendency of four senators out of five counties that are certificated and inducted and await the favorable results from six counties out of the remaining 10 counties in the just ended special elections in the country.

“If there have been any lingering doubts that our parties are fully committed to the Framework Agreement which we signed, including the peaceful transfers of power, let those doubts now be dispelled.

We are together, stronger, proud of our collective achievements, and are ready to pull ourselves together even more, in the best interests of our country and our suffering people.

Mr. Outgoing Chair, on behalf of the entire leadership and the full membership of the CPP, I thank you for the quality of your stewardship.

It must be said that Mr. Benoni Urey, our Organizing Chair turned over a signed framework of the CPP to you. Today, you’ve turned over to me a registered CPP with a respected number of elected senators.” She noted .

Assuring her supporters Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence said, she has come with faith and commitment, remaining strong aimed at seeing the CPP succeed in accordance with their framework .