What appears to be a show of support was demonstrated yesterday in Logan Town when an array of supporters led by leaders of the four Collaborating opposition Political Parties (CPP) visited the once violent community, while ruling party CDC candidate Abu Kamara supporters stood by. It can be recalled, weeks ago the two parties were engaged in a serious riot which resulted into destruction of properties and injury to many.

The presence of Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence who the people refer to as mother of the district, ANC political leader Alexandra Cummings, Senator Abe Darius Dillion, Senator Sinoe Johnson, ALP former presidential candidate Benoni Urey further boost the political morale of candidate Telia Urey.

The campaign according to Representative candidate Telia Urey is in the spirit of good representation craved for since the passing of Adolph Lawrence. In her delivery, candidate Telia Urey promised to give 100 percent of her salary to the district when elected. She said, with the support from Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, the district is set to experience a new phase of development and leadership.

Meanwhile, Senator Karnga Lawrence said, she’s confident that candidate Telia Urey can replace her late husband Adolph Lawrence who passed on recently due to a tragic motor accident. Lifting Miss Urey’s hand in tears, Senator Karnga-Lawrence said, more women in the legislature is vital especially one who is willing to continue the dreams of an honorable man. She however cautioned Telia Urey’s supporters and the district at large to be nonviolent during and after the Re-run election.


For their part, both All Liberian Party political leader Benoni Urey and Montserrado County Senator Abe Darius Dillon informed the district that their candidate anticipated victory in the rerun is the beginning of a new era in the district. At the same time Senator Dillon and Senator Sinoe Johnson pledged to serve as pull watchers at polling stations for the rerun. Their decisions to serve in the capacity of pull watchers during the rerun signals seriousness on the of the the opposition and believe that candidate Telia Urey will take the district’s highest seat.