Senator Saah Joseph Distributes 5 Million Among Marketers


By: Angeline Nuah ( Intern)

Montserrado County Senator, Saah Hardy Joseph, has begun the distribution of five Million Liberian dollars among marketers across Liberia.

According to the Senator, the ongoing exercise which began on last Saturday, is intended to help marketers maintain their markets and also feed their family.

He mentioned that tables of the market women are without goods do to hardship they are encountering  and goods seen on each table worth about two thousand Liberian dollars.

“If you look at some of their tables, everything on it is like it worth two thousand LD. But if you can add five thousand to it, it will help them.” He said.

In response to the source of the money being distributed, Senator Joseph disclosed that he  saved the amount of three hundred thousand Liberian dollars  monthly from his salary for over six month which finally arrived at five million Liberian dollars intended to empower the table of marketers In Liberian.

Senator Joseph  mentioned that the ongoing distribution begins in rural montserrado county, careyburg with few fruit sellers who surprisingly received the amount of five thousand Liberian dollars as some received ten thousand.

The new Georgia market was a scene of jubilation, as marketers were seen gloriously appreciating Senator Saah Joseph for his kind cash gesture.

In different amounts, some marketers received $5,000LD others were given $10,000LD while two person received $100usd each for employment.

Senator Joseph also says that he has employed about 400 women who receive the amount of 10,000LD weekly as part of his continue efforts to empower marketers.

In addition to that, the senator promised to reach the cash distribution to other communities in montserrado county, as he clarified that the amount of 1million has been distributed, leaving the total of 4million to complete the distribution process.