“Bad Precedence” Senator Snowe Cautions CDC Gov’t Against Abuse of Public Assets for Political Gains


Bomi County Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe, has cautioned the ruling Party in Liberia  to reframe from using public assets for political activities during election periods.

According to the Bomi County Lawmaker, the use of public assets for political gains especially “being demonstrated by the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change” amounts to electoral dissatisfactions among candidates.

The former Bomi County Representative now Senator, told members of the Liberian Senate that public assets should be used for the public domain and not for the satisfaction of political endeavors.

Senator Snowe unveiled that there were instances where the ruling establishment (CDC) Candidates were allowed to used buses and other public or government materials to run campaigns for their candidates.

He alleged that while the government was allowing CDC candidates to use public assets, other independent and opposition candidates were denied access.

This, the newly inducted Senator noted is a bad precedence that should not be tolerated.

The Bomi County Lawmaker making an induction statement during the 13th Day Sitting of the Liberian Senate also stressed the need to revisit the electrical laws of Liberia.

His statement according to him is predicated upon ongoing electoral dispute at the National Elections Commission (NEC).

Senator Edwin Snowe pointed out that the Legislature is being underrepresented due to the influx of electoral cases at the National Elections Commission, something he attributed to the electrical laws.