Mayor of Greenville Attacks CPP Senatorial Candidate Grace Briahman


By: Mark G. Gray ( Correspondent Sinoe County)

Senatorial aspirant and candidate of the CPP, Grace Scootland Briahman was allegedly attacked by the Mayor of Grenville City, Mr.  Otis Seeton.
Madam Grace Scootland Briahma addressing a mini press conference said, she was allegedly attacked along with her team by the Mayor of Greenville early Monday morning.
According to her, Hon. Otis Seeton came at her residence during the morning hours only to threaten and insult her .
Hon. Otis Seeton
She alleged that Hon. Seeton came along with a knife in his hands asking her to step aside from the senatorial race, terming her as non-senatorial material.
‘’The Mayor of Greenville came early this morning at my resident, threating me with a knife, calling me names and asking me to step aside from the senatorial race, as the seat only belong to his CDC candidate.  He went as far as attacking members of my team.” She narrated.
She further explained that it is not first attack made against her by the mayor.
‘’This is not the first time the Mayor attacked me. He has always been doing this, but this one gone too far, he almost slap me in the face. He has always been carrying on this bad attitude towards me,this is the fourth time now and I will not take it likely anymore.” She said.
She then accuses Senator Augustine Chea and the CDC as being the brains behind the attacks, stating that CDCians are noted for that, adding that she won’t hesitate taking a harsh approach towards the Mayor or anyone if it is repeated.
She concluded by calling the women of Liberia, the CDC and others to condemn the action of the city Mayor, saying she see it as great threat to her life and obstruction to her as the lone female contestant in the upcoming senatorial election.
Meanwhile. the City Mayor of Greenville Hon. Otis Seeton,  has denied the allegations stating that madam Briahman is speaking out of frustration and fear.
Mayor Seeton explained that Madam Grace Briahman is his relative who have engage him on several occasions seeking his support but he has been bold enough to tell her she’s not Senatorial material and that his commitment remains with the CDC.
He further explained that since his refusal, she has been provoking him.
‘’Since I refused to support her she has been so rude on me.  She will always stop me to provoke me, I have been clear to her that she does not even resemble a senatorial candidate. I have been so linear on her because she is my relative’’ he said.
Hon. Seeton then promised a court actions to be taken against madam Grace Scootland Briahman to prove her allegations against him.