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Senatorial Aspirant Dabah Varplia Calls for Women’s Representation

Cape Mount Senatorial Aspirant Dabah M Varplia, has reemphasized the need for women’s representation at the National Legislature.

Madam Varplia contested on the then Collaborating Political Party (CPP) ticket for the Senate seat during the Senatorial Election but unfortunately she didn’t win the election.

Speaking with Journalists, She said, the electoral process provided her with more eye-opening, as she interacted with Capemounteans and saw the need to represent them at the Senate, and what she took away in 2019 was a leadership gap.

Aspirant Varplia said, as the daughter of Grand Cape Mount County, she is prepared and ready to serve her people and cannot step aside as she sees her people going through the need for true leadership.

” True Leadership is what I have come to provide, she assured”. Aspirant Varplia however said, Cape Mount has not been able to produce a female legislator.

The lone female Aspirant, said, the world is changing and as a change, the mind of the people need to do the same. She asserted, that Cape Mount is not different from Bomi County in terms of agricultural practices, religious beliefs, and traditions.

She at the same time said, that Bomi County has produced female legislators for the last three terms and done additionally as those legislators are fully representing their people positively and Gbarpolu as well as female representation.

She however, lamented, that detractors have believed that Cape Mount is an Islamic county as female leadership cannot be accepted, while they are working well with Paramount chiefs as it is more traditional than Bingaman elected official at the House of Senate and Representatives.

” We have five districts in Cape Mount, today I can say for free that two of those districts, Porkpa and Garwulah are been led by female Paramount chiefs, “she averred. According to her, Capemounteans are desirous of change as such she sees herself to be the change representation for them.

She maintained, that Capemounteans need full representation in terms of lawmaking, oversight and among others, something according to her is unrealistic.

Speaking further, she referred to the Bea Mountain Mining company in Cape Mount, as the current legislators are not using their oversight responsibility to benefit the people by providing their input to improve the health and Sanitation, Education, social and agricultural sectors but rather citizens have to demonstrate before they can benefit.

Madam Varplia noted that there are legislators from Cape Mount that are knowledgeable about the Mining Development Agreement (MDA) but failed to verify those agreements or provisions that could benefit the people and this is where according to her there are gaps.

“Our people need leadership that they can see themselves through, and feel a part of, that they can speak their issue with,” she added.


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