Several Nurses Made Homeless in Glanh Town, Nimba County


Several residents including nurses working at the Glanh Town clinic in Gbi and Doru District, Nimba County have been homeless due to a disastrous rainstorm.

The incident, according to our reporter occurred on June 18, 2020 in Glanh Town.

According to Paul Barpaie, Officer-In Charge at the Glanh Town Clinic, the situation is causing serious embarrassment for inhabitants and health practitioners in the town.

Mr. Barpaie asserted that the nurses quarter building that was destroyed, was hosting  more than six nurses employed at the Glanh Town clinic.

“The rainstorm blew on June 18 at the evening hour and left our nurses quarter damaged including other houses in the town,” he said.

The Glanh Town clinic is the only clinic in Gbi and Doru administrative District which contains about 26 towns.

Mr. Barpaie said if nothing is done to renovate the building, they will be without shelters, something that could force health workers to leave the district.

“This building was a home to more than six nurses. It was also a place where we can keep some of the supplies that are send to us by the Nimba County Health Team,” he said.

Mr. Barpaie also wants the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health and other humanitarian organizations to help renovate the dilapidated building.


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