Nimba: Severe Flooding Leaves Motorcyclist Missing


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah (Nimba Correspondent)

A motorcyclist identified as Prince Zegbhen, is reported missing after floodwaters swept up his motorbike along the Ganta-Sanniquellie highway.

The incident, according to eyewitnesses, occurred between Zuluyee and Gbedin towns during the evening hours of Sunday, August 2,2020  as a result of a violent water overflow which has obstructed the free movement of people between Sanniquellie and Ganta in Nimba County, Liberia.

Eyewitnesses told KMTV that the motorcyclist was crossing the flooded area with his bike after his two passengers earlier disembarked the motorcycle.

Zegbhen, believed to be in his 30s, was being assisted by three other men to cross the motorbike over but caught up with intensified pressure in the middle of the stream.

The three others managed to have left the motorbike and got out of the flooding, but Zegbhen hanged on to his “Bajaj Boxer” motorbike in an effort to stop it from being carried by the water, at which time he was reportedly swept away by the heavy flooding.

“Everybody was shouting telling him to leave the bike, but he didn’t listen because of the force from the water. The other men that were helping him left the object but he insisted to hold it and that’s how the water carried him,” an eyewitness told KMTV.

Residents in both towns that the incident occurred between have promised to launch a search for Prince Zegbhen and the motorbike when the water tension reduces.

Hundreds of travelers are said to be stranded on the road due to the heavy flooding.