Sherman, Others Acquitted from Sable Mining Case


The long awaited Sable Mining Case which started since 2016 has been adjudicated with all the inductees set free.

Those set freed from all charges are, Grand Cape Mount County Senator, Vyarney Sherman, J. Alex Tyler, former speaker of the House of Representatives, E. C. B. Jones jr. Christopher Onanuga, Richard Tolbert, Eugene Shannon, Morris Saytumah and Willie Belleh.

Senator Sherman and others were indicted for the crimes of bribery, economic sobatage, criminal facilitation, criminal solicitation amongst others.

According to Criminal Court C, Judge Peter W.Gbeneweleh ,the defendants are not guilty of the crimes economic sobatage, criminal facilitation, criminal solicitation and bribery as charged in the indictment because prosecution did not prove beyond all reasonable doubt.

The court said they are hereby discharged from further answering the multiple offenses charged in the indictment without delay and their constitutional and statutory rights are hereby restored with immediate effect and their criminal appearance bonds are hereby ordered returned to them by the sheriff of the court.

The judge further disclosed that section 75 of the PPCC draft act of 2005 is contained in page 62 and 69.

The court also ruled that bank statement of 2010 is vagued and should have been proven by prosecution during the trial.

Judge Gbeneweleh of Criminal Court C also stated during the ruling that on the issue of avidafit, presented by prosecution as evidence, co-dedendant Varney Sherman challeged the avidafit and the court ruled that it was signed so therefore it cannot be taken into consideration.

Furthermore, Henie Van Niekerk who gave the avidafit in South Africa did not appear to testify to his own avidafit and all the testimonies presented by prosecution were hear say evidence.

Meanwhile, in an interview with both Varney Sherman and Richard Tolbert afrer the judgement of the court, said they are grearful to God for setting them free from Sable Mining saga.

Both Senator Sherman and Tolbert added if they will take Global Witness to court it will be decided later but for now they cannot comment but thanked God for fair judgement.