Shocking, Liberian journalists termed the death news of Ex-President Abdullah Kamara.


Shocking and heart breaking Liberian journalists were Tuesday early morning greeted with the death news of former President Abdullah Kamara.
The saddened news was confirmed by doctors at the Phebe Hospital in Gbarnga Bong County.
According to reports Mr. Kamara was seen lying in his hotel room with blood coming from his mouth as he was hurribly rushed at the Phebe hospital where he was later pronounced dead.
Due to doubts and speculations the former PUL boss death certificate was later released to the public which shows that Mr. Kamara died from probable hypertension, brain stem injury.
He died Tuesday morning by 9am.
Kamara was an excellent project proposal writer, a seasoned media trainer and activist.
He served the media landscape for several years in the area of capacity building and media development as well as mentoring.
KAK as he was famously known was a key official at the Center For Media Studies and Peace Building (CEMESP) the Liberia Media Center (LMC) and many other media related institutions in Liberia.
Under his training leadership several local journalists across the country have been trained and are now contributing immensely to the media sector of the Country.
He was a friendly, calm, and vocal journalist who was always advocating for media freedom but at the same time urging journalists to be professional in their day-to-day reportage.
Mr. Kamara who was a part of a team of senior media officials that attended the President media meeting recently died April 17, 2018 while on duty.
Shocks, tears, grieves and sorrows are now the order of the day in the media sector of the Country.
His death news came just less than twenty four hours after the media Community is struggling to heal the wound from the death news of one of its members Tyron Brown who died Monday morning in the Du Port Road community.
The president of the PUL Charles Cuffey is calling for speedy police investigation into Brown’s death as unconfirmed information has it that he was murdered by unknown people.
The parent body of all journalists in Liberia, the PUL is now troubled by the two untimely deaths news of their members mainly its past immediate president Abdullah Kamara as the union will shortly announced the opening of the book of condolences for its fallen members.