Sierra Leone’s First Lady rallies Support To End Rape And Violence Against Women In Liberia, Lauds Liberia’s First Lady Clar Weah Effort Towards Women Empowerment

Mrs. Fatima Jabba Bio

Sierra Leone’s First Lady has called on Liberian women to stand up and support each other in a drive to end rape including all forms of violence against women across Liberia.

In her words, Mrs. Fatima Jabba Bio implore women to join voices with first lady Clar Weah and scream louder because according to her, women are mostly affected by rape and other abuses meted against Women and girls in Liberia and the continent at large.

She told reporters upon her arrival in Liberia that if women of Liberia and Africa as a whole have a collective front in advocating for women empowerment including protecting their fundamental human rights, Lawmakers on the continent will see the need to take action by crafting appropriate laws in their interest.

The Sierra Leonean first lady noted that once the right laws are on the books, people will definitely respect and abide by them.

According to her rape is unacceptable and should not form a part of the society.

She challenged African men to change their mindset towards women and see them as partners and not as equals. Mrs. Jabba Bio noted, that women are weaker sex as such they should be empowered and protected at all levels.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Bio has also frowned on those who constantly sexually violate women and girls, calling them to desist from such ugly practice.

Madam Bio speaking to reporters attributed the common situation of rape in Liberia and Sierra Leone to the civil unrest in both Countries.

She indicated that when people fought war their mentality changes something she added needs to be addressed.

Mrs. Bio urged men in Liberia and on the continent of Africa to see women as SHE’S -YOU, meaning they should see women as their mothers, sisters, aunties and avoid violating their rights.

She promised to support the initiative of her Liberian counterpart (Mrs. Weah) adding that she believes the Liberian first lady is a voice to reckoned with and can make the perfect judgement in the interest of the Liberian people.

” I am supporting you today and always not because you are a first lady but because you understand the problems, our plights and know how to find means in addressing them”

Mrs. Bio uttered. The women rights advocate said she is certain that with the level of advocacy and women empowerment initiatives undertaking by Mrs. Weah, the Liberian first lady can be one of those to help change Africa.