Signs and signals of insecurity loom, as June 7 approaches…


Monrovia, Liberia-Today June 3, marks exactly 4 days to the staging of the much publicized June 7 protest with visible signs of darkness hovering over the clouds of the Mother Land, Liberia.

Ahead of the anticipated peaceful demonstration, there are prints and signals of looming insecurity as some disadvantaged Liberians and supporters of Representative Yekeh Kolubah were seen in a scuffle on Monday.

The underprivileged (Zogoes) were seen on live camera reining invectives (Ma-Kuss) on Mr. Kolubah and followers, a situation that resulted into the fracas.

The scuffle led to the injuring of two people from either sides.

The district #10 lawmaker was jubilantly received by his supporters on Broad Street after appearing on popular radio talk show 50/50 hosted by veteran Liberian Journalist, T-Max Jlateh.

After few minutes, one of Representative Kolubah’s followers encountered a stone on his forehead allegedly thrown by people opposing the soon to be staged match.

On the other hand, one of the alleged disadvantaged Liberians was allegedly severely beaten by fans of Lawmaker Kolubah.

Officers of the Liberia National Police later visited the scene to calm the situation.