“Silence Emergency” Dr. Kimmie Weeks Brands Drugs Dependent Youth, Recommeds National Emergency To Address National Issues


Youth Activist and Senatorial hopeful Dr. Kimmie Weeks has termed as silence emergency, the increase in number of young people who are engaged into drug abuse across the Country.
According to Dr. Weeks, troubling societal issue should now draw the attention of national government and be treated as national emergency.
He said the sector which is affected by drugs is a key sector of the society as such more attention should be given to ensure the issue is addressed in a timely manner and form.
“Holistic approach” he added is one of the best ways aimed at addressing said issue.

The youth activist now a politician, wants the government to open the spring board of opportunity for young people to explore the necessary avenue of the Country.
He encouraged Liberian youths to remain hopeful, determined and focused on initiatives that will move the nation forward.
In a move to improve and promote economic dividend, Dr. Weeks said, “it is key to prioritized a national sports center”.
Such center he said, will help create jobs and showcase the talents of young people.
Mr. Weeks said youth development and progress is paramount and should be implemented to the core.

” Don’t give up, be innovative and focused on issues to improve your lives”, Dr. Weeks assured his young people.

He said, it is also important to help address method health, rehabilitation, empowerment and capacity building issues which he noted are critical to the growth of the nation.