Sinoe: Citizens Alarm Over Increase in Deforestation


Residents of affected forest communities in Sinoe County have raised concerns over the increase in logging activities within the county.

In an exclusive interview with few residents in the these affected communities including Tarsue and the Sewacajua, the residents said the ongoing deforestation is posing a serious threat to their lives and environment, stating that many of the companies that are involved are not practising reforestation to safe their environment.

“We are in fear with too many logging activities here in our community by logging companies. They keep felling our trees with no second thought to replant them, our forest now finishing and we are doing plenty things with our forest,” Saydee Pyne, an elder in the Sewacajua forest region said.

He added that the forest has contributed to their community for so many years, therefore, there is a need for switch intervention for the “right things to be done.”

Elder Pyne wants companies operating in the area to begin the exercise of reforestation to safe their areas of operations from future harm.

Cyrus Duwroh of the tarsue community forest praised the economic empowerment of citizens by various companies, stating that they have done well in providing job opportunities and other necessity for the residents of the region, but stressed the need for companies to look the area of addressing deforestation, adding that the community cannot enjoy the benefit of their labor if their lives and communities are at risk.

When contacted management of various logging companies as it relates to citizens claims, few said they are in compliance with national and international regulations signed with the government and understand the effect of deforestation and are doing everything possible to protect their areas of operation but plan to make it a robust one, further appreciating the citizens for their concerns and plan to work with them in working with them on any matter that bothers them.