Sinoe County Health Team Concludes Six Days Refresher Training for Community Health Assistants


By Mark G. Gray (Correspondent)

Sinoe county health team in collaboration with partners over the weekend concluded a six-day refresher training for its Community Health Assistants in the nine (9) health Districts of the county.

The training was meant to refresh knowledge of Community Service Supervisors and Community Health Assistants, making them more proactive and well-informed in doing their works.

β€œThe training was important because since 2017 when Medical Team International trained our supervisors and assistants there have been no training and over the time and we have noticed that some of them have has some missteps, so the training was meant to refresh their knowledge and make them more active in their work,” Jonathan Gbah, Community Health Team Focal person said.

Mr. Gbah further explained that a portion of the training used to educate participants on COVID-19, stating that the Community Health Assistants stand at risk as they go about doing their health delivery services.

One of the facilitators, Osier Smith who is also the county health promotion officer, expressed scarification over the performance of the participants. Mr. Smith said the participants were able to cover up and upgrade their existing knowledge and skills.

β€œI was impressed with the participants; they are eager to learn. Their participation proves that they are prepared to better perform in their duties and I trust them,” Mr. Smith said.

The training started on Tuesday, July 7, and ended on Sunday, July 12. It was held simultaneously at six different training sites and brought together 195 Community health Assistants working in 305 communities in Sinoe


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