Solidaridad celebrates 50th Anniversary with improving approach to Liberia’s cocoa and oil Palm


One of the institutions heavily involved in advancing productions, building farmers capacity as well as funding local farmings in the areas of cocoa and oil Palm in Liberia is celebrating 50th year anniversary.

Solidaridad’s 50th Anniversary celebration demonstrates a shift in the two areas of the agricultural sector with cocoa and oil Palm farmings nearly to make Liberia among countries to produce quality oil Palm and cocoa.

The institution in its third year of investment is making significant impacts on the lives of farmers in improving their scale of farming thus bringing light to agriculture in Liberia.

As part of its involvement, it has incorporated agricultural students and capacitated young people in becoming agents of the sector.

The celebration at the Ministerial Complex brought together state actors to provide analysis on how cocoa and oil Palm production can have a triggered down effects on the lives of Liberians.

The intend for the invites of various actors in agriculture was meant to consider views that will help make their service in the country more effective and efficient.

According to Solidaridad, Liberia is expected to have a new dimension in those areas as it strives to have a boastful economy.

In continuation of said investment, the organization has so far operated in 46 districts of five counties to include Lofa, Nimba, Bong, Grand Bassa among others.

The Institution has reaffirmed its commitment to making sure Liberia has a taste of the importance of large and quality cocoa and oil Palm production that is being enjoyed by other countries.

The modernization of oil Palm farming and good management practices in rural areas are nw being realized among farmers so as to have good produce for the market.

Applications of fertilizers on oil Palm unlike the past according to Solidaridad report are additional differences farmers now engage with to Chang the dynamics.

Other change the local farmers are confronted with the report added is realizing financial value the crops has when done the right way.