Soltiamon Administration Shuts Down Academic Activities Amidst Alleged Insecurity


The administration of of the Soltiamon Christian School System has shut down with immediate effect all of its academic activities on it campuses.
The closure remains in force until what the administration calls a reassurance of security by the state.
The decision by the School’s administration was triggered by what it considers peril (danger) as a result of the parade and continuous harassment by unknown gunmen in unidentified vehicles seeking the whereabouts of the proprietor and the former dean of the School.
This comes barely hours after the issuance of a writ to arrest the proprietor and dean of SCSS for alleged Criminal facilitation and aggravated assault.
It can be recalled, the then Dean of the SCSS Solomon Joah Jr. spanked a female Student for alleged misbehavior, an incident that resulted into the student sustaining some streaks for which the dean was dismissed and has since expressed regrets. She was reportedly suspended for one week for allegedly misbehaving prior to the discipline.
“We are now at high risk over the spanking of a female student on June 20th, this year”, says the proprietress and CEO of the Soltiamon Christian School System, Mother Tiangay Joah.

Addressing a news conference late Monday evening, Madam Joah stated that “there are armed Police all over Monrovia searching for School authority to arrest as announced by the government on local radio stations”.
Responding to media reports, Madam Joah told reporters that the allegation of flogging the Student with 175 lashes is far from the truthful intent of the School’s disciplinary policies.
She explained, the spanking of the student was in line with the school’s student code of conduct which parents of SCSS signed to be executed at any given time of its breaching with no malice of any instructor against the student.
Said discipline, according to her, is done out of “love and passion to ensure that students at SCSS are groomed with good character”. Proprietress Joah dismissed reports claiming that the girl was stripped naked, neither asked for sanitary pad, nor given 165-175 lashes. “The question then is, and remains; who lifted this child’s clothes to show her under part exposing her sanitary pad? Such a public disgrace not just to the child but all women the world over and we take serious objection to such abuse”, says madam Joah.
She stated that the school struggles with what she calls ecclesiastical principles in safeguarding the morals of the students and ensuring their future is secured.
Soltiamon Chief Executive Officer noted, there is no excellent and successful education without discipline. Students must know that there are consequences for wrong doing and rewards when we do right.
According to her, the incident was allegedly exaggerated by Atty. Margaret Nigba to invite the public and create public sentiment to build a case against the Soltiamon Christian School System particularly the former dean. The account of Atty. Nigba, according to Mrs. Joah, is not only false and incriminating with actions stating demeaning, belittling and divisive and has caused a case sent to Court to attract public sentiment thereby putting the school and the former dean at “potential high risks”.
“For some unclear reason in recent years, Soltiamon has become the target of many rival institutions. Government focused ministries and agencies not only harass us, but authoritatively stop to our programs and we raised concerns, we are insulted by those from whom we seek redress and in some instances refer to us as rude, frisky and unchristian and threatens us us with withholding our permit to operate. When our children line up to get food during launch break, they say, procedure is too regimental. When we punish them by assignment either to clean bath or class rooms as a method for punishment, said punishment is labelled as child labor. When we spank them on their buttocks as enshrined in the students hand book, we are abusing them”, says Madam Joah.