“Solution Insight” GOL To Import Emergency Petroleum Products…



The Liberian government says several measures are currently being put into place to remedy the situation of petroleum shortage which hit the country for weeks running. As a result of the situation, Liberians are seen in long queues at various filling stations with the anticipation of getting petroleum products to facilitate their daily activities. Commuters are on the other hand paying more than double the transportation fairs in some cases, only because they must attend their daily activities.

Appearing live on state radio ELBC Wednesday morning, Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe described the situation as a national security problem and as such the government has reached a decision which will see the importation of emergency petroleum products from neighboring countries for a short-term solution.

Though he did not name the neighboring countries, but Minister Nagbe disclosed that the decision was reached following series of meetings with importers who have the responsibility to import. He said the move by government is expected to see the emergency products arriving in the country within 24 to 48 hours and is in no way violating the rights of the importers, but a constant flow that will ease the current situation as petroleum ships are expected in the country beginning this weekend to start a medium term solution.

Minister Nagbe further disclosed that going forward, the government will now start to import products for what he termed as its own national strategy reserve, which will provide a long term solution. “We will secure that ourselves, that does not take away from importers who are in the free market. They will continue to trade freely based on market factors and market forces”, he added.

He however lauded the public for the level of patience and assured that the situation will be put under control for the short, medium and long term solutions.