The need for solutions to present and pending disaster is key, says President Weah


President George Weah has noted that the future well-being of the entire planet is not only threatened by the devastating consequences of global warming, caused by the high emission of greenhouse gases from the industrialized nations of the world, but that the time-window for corrective behavior is rapidly reducing.

Speaking at the 41ST GENERAL CONFERENCE OF UNESCO, President Weah said, the conference is aware that the world is still suffering from the terrible Covid-19 pandemic, which for almost two years now has caused the unfortunate deaths of millions of people around the world, and has taken an record toll on the ways of life and on the livelihoods of all survivors.

According to him, the unfortunate developments should remind world leaders of their collective responsibilities and the roles they must all play in looking ahead, beyond present and pending disasters, to find global solutions that are sustainable, equitable, and inclusive.



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