Southeastern Liberia Continues to Suffer Bad Road Condition


By Mark Gray

The Southeastern part of Liberia continues to suffer bad conditions which have contributed to the immense hardship of people in that part of the country.

The road from Buchanan to Greenville, leading to Barclayville and Harper cities continues to remain in deplorable condition.

The deplorable condition of the road which gets worst during the rainy season continues to hinder the movement of vehicles transporting goods and people to the Southeastern counties, causing a hike in prices of goods and services.

Cars leaving Greenville to Monrovia have to spend three to four days before reaching their destination, as some vehicle get stuck along the road.

“We are tired with the condition now, look since I started coming two days ago we are still in this mud, I have not taken bath or eaten, we slept in this cold, right now we are paying ten thousand Liberian dollars for just a single person. let the government do something now about us in the south-east,” Milton Beah a stranded passenger explained.