Speaker Chambers Lashes At Business Entities Failure to Meet Up With Their National Obligations,Terms It As Economic Sabotage


The Speaker of the 54th national legislature Dr. Bhofal Chambers has termed as economic sabotage the failure of some companies operating in Liberia to meet up with their national obligations.

Dr. Chambers said the behavior by the Companies is stalling the operations of the government especially making reference to road construction in some parts of Liberia.
He named SRIMAX oil and gas company and Aminata and sons amongst others as business institutions who are currently indebted to national Government in the tune of about 20M.
The money he noted was not collected and was to be use to support priority issues in the national budget.
He said the situation which started during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a perennial one and requires timely intervention especially with the current challenging economic situation in the Country.
He wants violators in said regard to be brought to book to face the full weight of the law.
Speaking to reporters Monday the Maryland County Lawmaker pointed out that though there are some workable measures to help settle the issue, it is unfair for people to be reminded about their national obligations.
On the issue of Legislatative oversight, Dr. Chambers intuned that they are speeding up with that in a move of providing practical implementation to their people.
He said Liberia has good laws on the books but the workable implementation is a challenge which he added they are working on mainly in regards to their legislative oversights.
He urged the people of Liberia not to blame the legislature on passing multiples of laws rather the execution which he uttered is key.
The Maryland Lawmaker encouraged the people of this Country to support this government by working in the supreme interest of the Country.
He said the current government welcomes criticism but such must be done or said with taste.
By taste he meant,the people should recognize the good and or positive things done by the government and at the same time if need be criticize but also offer workable suggestions for the common good of the Country. Additionally he noted that plans are in the making by Maryland County to receive their South eastern son, President George Weah to the County as part of the Liberian leader nation wide tour. He said the County will make use of the president’s visit and subsequently host its sitting for the common good of the people.