“Start a journey from the Wilderness to the Promised Land”, Rev. Emmanuel Bowier cautions Liberians.


Former Information Minister and preacher-man Ravened Emmanuel Bowier is calling on Liberians to begin a journey from what he calls, the wilderness to the promised land. Rev. Bowier told KMTV News today that Liberia entered the wilderness in 1980 when President William Richard Tolbert was overthrown and murdered in a violent coup on April 12, 1980. It is exactly 39 years since the coup d’état staged by an indigenous Liberian faction of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) under the command of Master Sergeant Samuel Doe took place on the Liberian soil. Since that time, Liberia is still striving to get on par with Countries she gave birth to in Africa and other parts of the World.He said there is a need for Africa’s oldest republic to realize its mistakes and and seek the forgiveness of the Almighty in a move to flourish. Speaking to KMTV in an exclusive Monday interview on Capitol Hill, the Man of God meanwhile stated that he sees a new Liberia in the next five years but was not specific as to how and by whom the new Liberia will be governed. Ravened Emmanuel Bowier has also joined others calling for a national fast and prayer for leaders of the Country.

“Liberians are quick to forget and when you are quick to forget your Creator, you will suffer and die one by one”; he told KMTV news.

The former Information Minister statement comes as a result of the passing of two Lawmakers including, Senator Geraldine Doe Sheriff and Adolph Lawrence in the space of no time.

Senator Doe-Sheriff died in February this year after battling a period of illness and was buried on 16 March, 2019.

Sadly, on March 24, Liberians woke up to the death news of Montserrado County district #15 Representative Adolph Lawrence.

The late Montserrado lawmaker got kill along with a lady in the front seat of his car after being hit by a truck carrying timber on Tower Hill. He was returning to Monrovia for work on Monday morning after celebrating his 50th birth anniversary in Buchanan, the home City of his wife Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence. Three others who were in the back of the car are said to be responding to treatment.