Stop Early Blame Shifting, Liberia’s Information Warned Liberians On Money Saga Investigation


The Government of Liberia has given 100% assurance to the public that it will lead no stone un-turn in ensuring that those linked to the controversial bags and container of money are persecuted in line with the laws of the Country.

According to Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe the investigation will do due diligence to the entire process and will come out with a comprehensive report soon.

He warned Liberians not to jump the gun on whether the money was stolen, missing and or diverted because only the investigation he added can establish such.

Preliminary investigation has uncovered that the money in question was printed in three Countries namely: China, Sweden and Lebanon and was also transported from the Roberts International Airport and the National Port Authority respectively.

Despite mixed views concerning the money saga Minister Nagbe pointed out that the Government is not distracted though it has some siblings of distraction but it remains focus and determine in delivering the necessary goods for the people.

He said there are people who are as well aiding the investigation by providing some information to the team in a move to fast track the process indicating further that the investigation is proceeding well thus far.

So far former and Current Central Bank Governors have been investigated regarding the situation as well as current Finance Minister including key officials of the Central Bank of Liberia and the Finance Ministry respectively.

Minister Nagbe speaking on a local talk show Tuesday September 18, 2018 pledged the government’s full commitment of preserving the wealth of Liberia.

The Government mouth piece was also quick to warned Liberians not to hastily apportion and or point accusing fingers at others but added that there will be no secret cowards considered in the process rather the law and processes there-to will be follow to the core.

“Printing Money is a normal thing mainly when the legal and or regular process is followed but noted in this case Minister Nagbe” noted.

He said the Government was shocked to have realized that such huge quantity of money was discovered without the knowledge of the Government especially president Weah something amongst other things prompted the investigation.

The MICAT boss said the investigation is exhaustive as such there is no specific time frame for the investigation team but promise to provide necessary updates to the Liberian people due to the sensitive nature of the investigation in the coming days and weeks.

The Investigation he indicated will establish whether said huge amount is and or was responsible for the current economic challenge facing the Country including the fluctuating rate issue.

Preliminary information so far has it that 16b Liberian dollars has been established but no clear facts about the denomination of the bank notes is known to the public.

He said it is possible that said amount may or may not increase after the completion of the investigation as such he encouraged Liberians to exercise patience and allow the investigation team to do their job.