Stop The Too Much Murmuring, Pastor Samuel Nagbe Cautioned Liberians

Samuel B.J. Nagbe

In the midst of the current trend of national issues ranging from mixed views and dissatisfaction, claims and counter-claims, economic strangulation and many others in Liberia, A Liberian Clergyman Samuel B.J. Nagbe has warned the people of Liberia to refrain from too much murmuring across the Country.

The man of God speaking at the Grace Assembly Church in Lakpazee, Airfield Karpeh-Field Zoo Community regular worship service on Sunday, September 15, 2019 told his congregation that complaining in anyway will not help address the current challenges facing the nation and its people rather it is important that all Liberians seek the face of God for total solution to the Country’s problems.

He said too much murmuring is a recipe for chaos in the land something he noted the general population is not in any way ready and prepare for anymore.

“When people complain too much rather than giving solutions to existing problems it creates room for the devil to take over, the (GAC) senior pastor asserted.

He said the multiple complains and murmurings by Liberians have been acknowledged by President George Weah because he listens and follows on a daily basis the issues of the day and he is certain President Weah is working to put in place measures to address them but complaining, he noted is not the best way out.

Pastor Nagbe said for every time a believer or Liberian murmurs, it reduces his/her self-respect, it kills joy and as well opens more room for the devil to take control, this he noted is unacceptable.

Speaking on the Theme: Stop the Murmuring from the Text: Philippians 2;12-15, the Liberian clergyman reflected on the children of Israel who in spite of the good things God did for them when they were in Egypt, yet they were always seen murmuring something he does not want Liberians to emulate.

He said murmuring leads to stress, unhappiness and should be discouraged among Liberians.

The man of God wants Liberians to be satisfy with their current affairs and focus on trying to work harder to help collectively make the Country better.

He named confusion, strike action, protests, unnecessary faults, blaming shifting among others as elements of murmuring that must be discouraged in the society.

The GAC founder use the occasion to urge Liberians to see their Country as the bigger picture and work towards positive ventures to help move the nation forward.